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Why You Should Focus on GBP For Your Restaurant

1. Boost Brand Awareness. When potential clients are looking for the right business to meet their needs, 87% of them use Google to make a choice. That is why it is critical to optimize your Google Business Profile and take control of your online presence. This will also increase your restaurant’s visibility in local search results, including the Local 3-Pack on Google and Google Maps.

2. Provide Relevant Information about Your Business. 64% of users looking for the contact information of a local business will use the GBP Page. If the business has a well-optimized profile, it will provide essential information. Your restaurant’s GBP Page should include contact details, opening hours, menus, and customer reviews.

3. Build Trust With Clients. GBP pages with photos are usually considered more reputable compared to profiles with no photos. Sharing photos of your restaurant, team, food, and menu helps to demonstrate trust, knowledge, likability, quality, and success. 

How Does GBP Impact
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Advanced Google Business Profile Concepts Explained

Provide Reservation and Menu Options

Your GBP page should make it easy for customers to see you menu, order pickup, or schedule a reservation. If your restaurant makes deliveries, be sure to provide that option as well. Listing your services on your GBP page will ensure that customers know exactly what your restaurant provides.

Importance of Photos and Videos

Keep in mind that your customers actually eat with their eyes first before they even order food from any restaurant. That is why it is critical to include high-quality photos of the dishes on your menu. Additionally, it is wise to give your customers the full experience of your restaurant before they visit by posting photos of the interior and exterior of your restaurant as well as your team.

Photos and videos provide valuable information to potential customers because they offer a glimpse into the restaurant experience. You will be building trust and confidence in your brand while also standing out to Google.

Optimizing GBP Reviews

Responding to reviews is imperative to managing your business reputation and gaining customer trust. You can even use reviews to rank higher by including keywords in your responses.

At 714Web, we utilize AI to analyze your reviews, find and report opportunities for internal improvement, and respond in the best possible way.

Embrace the Power of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) for Your GBP Page

SGE uses Artificial Intelligence to provide users with a comprehensive display of information and unique experience at the top of the search results page. This snapshot includes key information related to their search, reviews, photos, and suggested searches. To maximize the visibility of your business, be sure to optimize your GBP page with SGE in mind. 

At 714Web, we stay ahead of the curve on the latest Google algorithm changes, including SGE. With our help, your restaurant’s GBP page will continue to rank high in Google Search. Our comprehensive approach ensures your business stays relevant amidst evolving search experiences.


What should I put on my Google Business Profile?

First and foremost, be sure every section of your restaurant’s Google Business Profile is complete. Completed profiles are more likely to get clicks from searchers. Next, your GBP page should include any relevant information about your business, including contact information, photos and videos, reviews, FAQs, your menu, and an easy option for ordering or making reservations.

Does my GBP get me more customers?

Over 97% of customers start their purchasing journey online, and Google is their primary destination. When searching for local restaurants, users often encounter the Local 3-Pack on the search page. Since the majority of clicks go to the first few results on the search pages, it’s crucial to optimize your profile and secure a position in the map pack. This helps you reach as many potential customers as possible.

How do I grow my Google Business Profile?

Growing your Google Business Profile takes ongoing work. You’ll need to make sure the information on your page is relevant, respond to reviews consistently, and implement an effective keyword strategy.

What’s the best way to get started with GBP?

Whether you need to create your GBP or simply optimize your existing one, our GBP experts at 714Web can help. We can get your profile ranking higher, attracting more organic website traffic and in-person customers, and outperforming your competitors in the digital landscape. Contact us today to start your journey to GBP success.

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